BOOK BUZZ: From author Trish Ryan

GrantFalsani_DisquietTime_HC-2-1Trish Ryan posted a lengthy blog today that included a Q & A with DT co-editor Cathleen Falsani and the following incredibly kind words about the book:


I recommended it to you here on the blog a few weeks back because I kind of couldn’t wait until the pub date (10/21/14) to write about it. My favorite part of this collection is that while I didn’t agree with everything the different writers say…I didn’t feel like I had to. Do you know what a surprise that is? I kept waiting to feel that defensive mechanism go up inside me, but it didn’t. There was no expectation of uniformity or call for everyone to fall in line. This collection is such an inspiring picture of what real faith, lived with real people, looks and feels and reads like.

Thank you TRISH!

Read Trish’s post in its entirety HERE.


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