What People Are Saying about DISQUIET TIME


“This is a sturdy book, a thoroughly satisfying and totally credible book. Well-conceived and well-executed, it offers honest words about holy things, which means that it is also a brave book. I, for one, am grateful.”

~ Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence and founding religion editor, Publishers Weekly

Disquiet Time takes us down a thrilling, provocative, and often beautiful path that leads to the deepest parts of ourselves, and the deepest parts of Christ. This book is for folks who don’t just want to read the Bible; they want to laugh, wrestle and cry with the Bible. And that’s just the place God wants us to be.”

~ Joshua DuBois, former head of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and author of The President’s Devotional

Disquiet Time is a devotional for humans, a daily reading for the messy, doubt-filled, sometimes irreverent people who love God or hope to some day. Though hinged on some of the Bible’s most deranged narratives [the book] … is strangely comforting, a spiritual hodgepodge that is deep and convicting, hopeful and honest, quirky and wise. For believers, cynics, and misfit souls, Disquiet Time is a welcomed invitation to doubt, laugh, fight, debate, and trust.”

~ Matthew Paul Turner, author of Our Great Big American God and Churched

“Cathleen and Jen are wonderful writers as well as wonderful people and this collection of wonderful essays is, in a word: lovely. You thought I was going to say ‘wonderful,’ didn’t you? I’M AN ENIGMA!!”

~ Pete Holmes, comedian and talk show host

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